Crossing Accidents

Crossing accidents are among the most common of public transportation accidents and incidents—particularly in school bus and transit service, the two sectors which rely mostly on designated stops. As the school bus community knows, more than half of all school bus-related fatalities and serious injuries occur “off the bus”–in other words, while crossing to or from the bus. In transit service, most crossing accidents occur when buses make improper left turns into crosswalks, often in streets too narrow to accommodate proper turns by vehicles too large for the streets into which they are routed turn.

Crossing Accidents Expert Witness

Transportation Alternatives (TA) President Ned Einstein has served as an expert witness in more than 85 crossing-related lawsuits through mid-2016, helping win tens of millions of dollars for victims and their families. His work on crossing-related accidents was preceded  by decades of consulting projects in the public transportation field, as well as forays into bus design and public transportation operations.

Targeted largely to attorneys working on crossing- or turning-related cases (see, this portal website aims to provide an overview of the dynamics that cause these largely-preventable incidents.

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